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Auntie Podcast

Mrs Kasha Davis interviews movers, shakers and change makers in the community and will soon be expanding her interviewees to include interesting people from across the globe.

Season 1


There’s ALWAYS time for Mr Davis. OF COURSE my first guest is my prince charming, man of steel, ride or die, bosom buddy Steven Levins. Join us for as we reminisce about our younger days together and share some of our similar past lives that have informed the love and unconventional family we now share together.


I read if you're not learning you're not living. Often times us Older Queens think we know it all (NOPE) and I have had the privilege of coming up in the Rochester drag scene where we make efforts to learn from one another young and old (still with a hefty dose of shade). Carmen Adore came onto the scene here in Rochester and I immediately felt a family vibe! From her obvious talent on the stage to her excellence with styling wigs WORLDWIDE with her self made business Hatz by Carlos, Carmen has truly impressed me! I am most proud to call Carmen my sister/friend who loves a good laugh and is always willing to lend a helping hand.


Aggy Dune Queen is the QUEEN MOTHER of the Rochester drag scene. Aggy has had an undeniable impact on myself, Darienne Lake, Pandora Boxx and a gaggle of many others since the moment she hit the stage. (Whether they like to admit it or not!) The magic we have on stage with banter is truly something I will be grateful for until I stop clomping around in my size 12 pleaser pumps! Aggy never disappoints and despite the obvious ageism in the entertainment world she defies the odds and consistently surprises audiences with her glamorous, iconic and incredible performances. The Lucy to my Ethel, Aggy Dune!


Tayler Mayde, sober, Peer counselor, parent of 2, Drag King, Pageant winner and overall positive light.  I’m thrilled to have Tayler as a guest and friend.


Carrie Green founder of Happy Birthday Cha Cha Cha is spreading kindness one birthday at a time!  Have you ever thought, I want to do something for those in need but “what difference can I make?” you get overwhelmed by all the obstacles, and in the end you end up doing nothing?  I certainly have!   Carrie Green has proven that an act of kindness can start small in your own hometown or school district and with the help of family and community grow from 129 students gifted to over 6,500 and counting!  Now that’s time for KINDNESS!!!!  


DeeDee Dubois is a DRIVEN member of our Rochester LGBTQ+ community, Drag artist, Co-owner of Roar a multi level bar, dance club, drag bar, community theatre space and overall welcoming space. Dee Dee and I started with Drag in and around the same time and it literally thrills me to see how determined and focused she has been as a gig worker and entrepreneur!

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